Music Group “RDB” raise the international bar with “Ludacris” & Bollywood Collaboration

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One of UKs leading and multi-talented international music artists, RDB (‘Rhythm, Dhol and Bass’), have joined forces with the Grammy Award Winning artist, Ludacris, and Bollywood superstar Akshay Kumar, for the cross-urban music track of the year, “Shera Di Kaum”. The promotional song for the forthcoming crossover film Speedy Singhs, releasing worldwide on the 23rdSeptember 2011, is already championing the airwaves and global playlists ahead of the film’s release.

Having previously worked with international heavy weights such as Snoop Dogg, Elephant Man, Yukhmouth from DTP and Public Enemy, RDB’s latest collaboration with hip hop sensation Ludacris, is further testament to the bands repute as pioneers of music as they escalate the amalgam of eclectic Western musical beats with the infamous drum and dhol of South Asian music to greater heights. RDB were not only the first fusion group to combine traditional Punjabi Bhangra, hip-hop and rock, but also the first group to have collaborated with a Bollywood superstar (Akshay Kumar) and world famous rapper on an international scale.

The origin of “Shera Di Kaum” stems from RDB’s advice to the film’s producer to feature Ludacris in the song and how the urban pulse of the track would resonate with the film’s audience worldwide, creating a greater connect. The trio, that are three Punjabi Sikh brothers Kuly, Manj and Surj, composed the beat, melody and arranged the composition for the song in their Toronto studio, further enriching it with contributions from, Toronto based MC, Smooth, and the latest singing sensation, Nav. Ludacris recorded his part in the comfort of his own studio and liaised with RDB on the music and arrangement. Once finalized, Ludacris sent over his vocals to the RDB studios where the trio mixed and mastered the final track.

Manj from RDB was then invited to the video shoot of “Shera Di Kaum” in Toronto, which included the principle cast of Speedy Singhs (Hollywood star Rob Lowe, comedy sensation Russell Peters, Indo-Canadian actor Vinay Virmani, actress Camille Belle), Akshay Kumar who lip synced Manj’s vocals and of course Ludacris.

In speaking about the collaboration, Manj of RDB says: “We were delighted to be invited to feature in the video for “Shera Di Kaum” and wanted to raise the bar again by forming collaboration like no other. Previously we had the opportunity to combine the talents of Snoop Dogg and Akshay Kumar on a track which receive widespread appreciation and applause. It certainly went down in history as it was never done before. And now we are pleased to announce our collaboration with Ludacris and our good friend Bollywood star Akshay Kumar. It was great to have the opportunity to tie in world famous funny man Russell Peters and Hollywood star Rob Lowe in the video too.”

Recognized and respected the world over as a universal sensation to introduce and define a new genre of music, RDB was formed in 2000 by Kuly, Manj and Surj, who were introduced to music at a young age by their father who taught them to sing religious songs and play the harmonium in their local Gurudwara (Sikh Temple). The ‘RDB sound’ brings together various musical styles and genres and fuses them with South Asian influences. Together the brothers have radically pioneered the style of traditional British Bhangra music by remolding it into a raw urban sound, ensuring their work was cut through.

Today RDB is regarded as the most prolific music band to have emerged from the ‘British Asian Music’ scene crossing to international stardom. The group has enjoyed stupendous success over the years with multimillionaire viewership, sell-out concerts and globally televised performances, stamping the fact that the RDB sound has struck a chord with music aficionados worldwide.


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