Pooja Bedi’s ‘real issue’ with Pooja Misrra!

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We have all seen Pooja Bedi fight with Pooja Misrra over trivial matters in Bigg Boss and gang up with all the other Housemates to brand her a “psycho”. Missra, who has been No.1 on Bedi’s target list, has been defending herself throughout, in her inimitable style and panache.

But not many are aware that Bedi’s ‘real issue’ with Misrra started much before the two entered Bigg Boss. And the true reason behind Pooja Bedi’s behaviour is brother Adam Bedi.

Spilling the beans, celebrity publicist Dale Bhagwagar, who has elaborately counseled Pooja Misrra over days before she entered the Bigg Boss House, tells us that “Pooja Misrra and Adam Bedi can’t see eye to eye, as they had massive issues in the past on another reality show Big Switch on UTV Bindass. This could have affected Ms Bedi’s outlook towards Ms Misrra from the first day in Bigg Boss. Though, whether it is right or unfair of Ms Bedi to have prejudged Ms Misrra is another debate altogether.”

The public relations man however adds, “I’ve met Adam before and he is a nice and humble guy.” About Pooja, he remarks, “Pooja Misrra is a very sweet person, childlike at most times, but grossly misunderstood. She is straight-forward, bold and super blunt, and that often gets her into mega trouble. She is extremely good to people who are good to her, but turns into a tigress if rubbed the wrong way. That’s an integral part of her personality and needs to be understood by everyone around her.”

Dale, who is a specialist with Bigg Boss, having handled the maximum number of reality show participants including Shilpa Shetty (Big Brother), Rakhi Sawant, Kashmera Shah, Sherlyn Chopra and Ashmit Patel (Bigg Boss) among many others, admits he advised Misrra on the “ways of survival” in what he terms “the House of Scandal”.

“I’ve given her loads of tips for Bigg Boss, but the biggest tip I gave her was to be herself,” he says, and adds, “I told her to always keep in mind that the ‘reality show’ in reality, is just a game. I asked her not to get worked up beyond a point, as other participants would often create a lot of situations to get her to react,” Dale informs.

After understanding Pooja’s personality and nature, Dale realized that the Housemates would try to take maximum advantage of her straight-forwardness. “So I told her, whatever happens, she should always stand up for the sake of righteousness and never call it quits from her side.”

Dale, who is often referred to as Misrra’s ‘guerrilla publicist’, says he is proud that Misrra has heeded his advice and has managed to survive the toughest attacks, alienation from all Housemates, as well as three consecutive evictions by now. “If Pooja continues to follow my advice on the show, I won’t be surprised if she survives 10 more evictions,” says the PR expert.

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