Top 10 Bollywood Events of 2007

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01. Abhi-Aish Wedding

Ahh where does one even begin with this one. After months and months of speculations and then some more months of denial, Abhishek and Aishwariya Rai finally announced their engagement in January of 2007 and had a quickie wedding few months later due to the ailing health of Teji Bachchan. The media as well as the fans (and haters) went on a frenzy. Every news channel, magazine, newpaper and entertainment website were covering the Abhi-Aish wedding. Every breaking news, every headline news was about the wedding; overhyped anyone? Whatever it may have been, one can’t deny the immense popularity and attention it got and for that the Abhi-Aish wedding marks the event of the year 2007.

There you have it, the lowdown on yet another eventful year in the Bollywood film industry.

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