Top 5 Rising Female Stars of 2007

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2. Sonam Kapoor

Another star kid hails into Bollywood with a dream debut. Sonam Kapoor however proved to be more than just a star kid. Fans adore her and directors are already knocking continuously on her doors. She was taken under the protective wings of the magician Sanjay Leela Bhansali, even if Saawariya didn’t fare well Saawariya’s Sakina became everyone’s sweetheart and Sonam slowly crawled into the hearts of audiences across the globe. That is a lot to attain in your first film! Her dedication to her work and generous persona works hand in hand with her innocent and delicate beauty that is a rarity nowadays. Audiences cannot wait for her return to the screen with acclaimed director Rakesh Mehra’s Dilli 6 opposite Bachchan Jr. Hopes are high for this young talent. We hope Sonam is set to have a blast in Bollywood!

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