Who’s Hot Who’s Not (Cannes Film Festival 2009)

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Let’s face it; this woman never really looks horrible. She has the potential to look like a million bucks, but sometimes she has her off-days. I’m torn with this look of hers. On the one hand,I love the colour of her dress and I love the shoes, but the dress itself is mediocre. I think she looks pretty, but I am a bit disappointed since its not up to her regular Cannes glamour. Pretty, but nothing mindblowing.

Rating: Not hot!

So far, Abhishek is not having much luck. The white jacket would have been perfectly fine if it didn’t have that baby blue trimming paired with a light pink shirt. It looks like he’s dressed for a baby shower, not a prestigious film festival! Really, how hard is it to pair a nice shirt and jacket with jeans? It’s not rocket science.

Rating: Not hot!

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