Rajkumar Hirani Seeks Divine Intervention

Posted on August 4th, 2010 in Movies, News

Rajkumar Hirani seems to be born with the Golden Touch. Whichever script he touches turns to gold at the box office. Which is why news of any new projects with Hirani always creates positive buzz in the industry. Apparently, Raju Hirani is now working on a script starring not one, not two but 300 Gods!

Supposedly titled Hey Bhagwan!, the movie is said to be based on the diversity of different Gods according to religion and culture and how each deity is revered for a specific occasion or reason. Hirani has completed the initial rough draft of the script and will decide on the star cast as soon as the script is finalized. He had earlier had talks with his most trusted associate, Abhijit Joshi, with whom he already has worked with in his previous films and narrated the concept to him. Having liked the idea, Abhijit decided to work on it along with Hirani, sources report.

Knowing Raju Hirani, this movie too will be full of subtle humor and underlying messages. Bole toh, apunlog waiting for this movie, mamu!

Kuch Toh Bolo!


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