A Bloody Transformation

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“As the story progresses, the gradual transformation into decay takes place”, says Luke Kenny as he talks about his look in the film Rise of the Zombie, India’s first zombie origin film in Hindi.

When a human being is swept into darkness and rot, he fights, he struggles to break himself free from it, before realizing, he is no match. Luke Kenny’s character, Neil Parker, has a similar tryst with the fury of an unknown force that results in his decadent appearance. Ritu Janjani, Luke Kenny’s make-up artist, had to show each degree of change in the character through the make-up. A 2-4 hour ordeal of applying and 45 minutes of removal time was spent for each of the stages of the character needing make-up. The final outcome is something to be believed once the movie hits theaters.

Rise of the Zombie is India’s First Zombie Origin Film in Hindi releasing on the 22nd of February. The story follows the transformation of Neil Parker, a wildlife photographer, as he is clenched into the darkness to only rise again as a monster.



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