Aurangzeb Soundtrack – Exclusively available digitally!

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13may_aurangzeb-audioAurangzeb is all about a world where Kingship knows no Kinship and where there can be only one Emperor! Aurangzeb’s boasts of a soundtrack that stays true to the spirit and drama of the movie…go ahead and enjoy these tracks exclusively released on digital platforms worldwide.

1. Barbaadiyaan
Singers: Ram Sampath, Sasheh Aagha
Music: Amartya Rahut
Lyrics: Puneet Sharma

A rhythmic feet stomping track! Sung with a lot of attitude, passion and grit by the debutant Sasheh Aagha and Ram Sampath, “BARBAADIYAAN” is a lively club track and is already a huge hit!

2. Jigra Fakira
Singer: Keerthi Sagathia
Music: Vipin Mishra
Lyrics: Manoj Kumar Nath

Sung by Keerthi Sagathia, “JIGRA FAKIRA” is soulful and moving. With a modern Sufi feel and lilting tunes, this is a light and easy track that flows gently.

3. Barbaadi
Singer: K. Mohan (Agnee)
Music: Amartya Rahut
Lyrics: Puneet Sharma

A slow well sung ballad by the talented K.Mohan of Agnee fame, “BARBAADI” will make you sway along.

4. Aurangzeb
Singers: Marianne D’Cruz Aiman & Choir
Music: Vipin Mishra
Lyrics: Vipin Mishra

A very different approach to song composition, “AURANGZEB” offers an unique and a varied mix of orchestral and choral singing and is skillfully supported by Marianne D’Cruz Aiman & Choir.

5. Aurangzeb – Rock Version
Singer: Vipin Mishra
Music: Vipin Mishra
Lyrics: Vipin Mishra

A complete rock song, “AURANGZEB-ROCK VERSION” adds a new dimension to this music album. The Aurangzeb vocal riff reiteration is extremely catchy. Great work in all departments by the talented Vipin Mishra!

6. Trial by Fire – Main Theme (Instrumental)
Music: Vipin Mishra

“TRIAL BY FIRE – MAIN THEME” is a classic approach to scoring a music piece. The track has a very emotional instrumental theme piece played on the clarinet and it is superbly supported by the full orchestra.

7. Battleground Gurgaon (Instrumental)
Music: Vipin Mishra

“BATTLEGROUND GURGAON” is coated with suspense and an entirely classical element is heard throughout.

8. The Father’s Truth (Instrumental)
Music: Vipin Mishra

Poignant emotional and extremely heartfelt. The beautiful named “THE FATHER’S TRUTH” takes you on a journey to Wonderland…

9. Aurangzeb – Orchestral (Instrumental)
Music: Vipin Mishra

“AURANGZEB – ORCHESTRAL” is a superior and well-orchestrated music score with a very uplifting ending.

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