BollySpice Looking for Reviewers and Writers in London, New York and Mumbai

One of the unique things about is that not only are our readers from more than 194 countries, our writers are based all over the world. In fact, we have contributing writers from India, US, UK, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and the Netherlands. We are now looking to expand our team in several key locations including Mumbai, New York and London.

We are searching for writers who are passionate about Hindi films, who have a talent for writing and are interested in in combing the two. Besides your work in print on, it will also be seen on Google news and IMDB because they pick up all of our stories.

BollySpice is looking for movie reviewers as well as writers who can attend events, early screenings, press junkets and more in the cities of London, New York and Mumbai. Since these positions will involve attending events on our behalf we are looking for a very high standard of writing, someone that can think on their feet and can represent BollySpice in a very professional manner.

If you are interested, have the dedication, the passion and the ability, please email

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