Bollywood and Diwali!

Written by on November 2nd, 2010

November 5th marks Diwali and you know your favorite Bollywood stars will be out celebrating with much glory and pomp. While most of them head to the cards table and indulge in some gambling, many choose to stay home and keep it simple with their families. Check out where some of your faves will be […]

Good Night &#124 Good Morning @ Mumbai Film Festival

Written by on November 2nd, 2010

The Mumbai Film Festival has been churning out some of the most amazing independent films, one of which is Sudhish Kamath’s Good Night &#124 Good Morning. Talking about the film, the director went on to tell BollySpice, “A friend of mine, Krishna, bought a HD camera and said, “Let’s make a movie”. After my experience […]

“Movies are wonderful, but this one is not mine” – Jennifer Lynch, Director of Hisss

Written by on October 29th, 2010

Hisss has opened to mixed reviews and while the name Jennifer Lynch is associated with the film, the director has come out to claim that Hisss is not her film. But how can it be, you ask. After all, she did direct the film. According to the director, Hisss was “taken away” from her the […]

Abhishek Calls Out Adman Prahlad Kakkar

Written by on October 28th, 2010

Prahlad Kakkar showed to qualms in calling out Abhishek Bachchan and the likes of him when he openly spoke about star sons being “useless”. As a prime example, he pointed out Abhishek’s string of 17 nonstop flops. Of course, the media and audience at the debate found the comment remarkable. However this didn’t sit too […]

Prahlad Kakkar: Mumbai Film Festival Debate Winner!

Written by on October 27th, 2010

The Mumbai Film Festival is generating much debate and how. Prahlad Kakkar, ace adman in the industry had his debate audience in laughs when he openly spoke about how Bollywood is nothing short of a “mom and pop shop”. He went on to explain, “Why use a good actor when you can have a nephew? […]

Bollywood Women Directors: Not Weak!

Written by on October 26th, 2010

With countries like Sweden supporting their filmmakers monetarily, it seemed like the normally ignored Bollywood women directors would love the same subsidiary. Negative. Bollywood women directors do not feel the need for the government to help them finance their films. They went on to individually explain that there are perfectly fine by themselves. The following […]

Kissing Ranbir: Actresses Reveal

Written by on October 25th, 2010

Emraan Hashmi can pretty much blow a flying kiss to his ‘serial kisser’ tag. Reason? Ranbir Kapoor is the newest and hottest serial kisser in town. Despite the fact that he is only seven films old with a relatively new career, the actor has managed to kiss a number of his female costars already. Check […]

Toonpur Ka Superhero: Ajay and Kajol Goes Animated!

Written by on October 25th, 2010

Bollywood has tried and tried to create their niche in the animated film segment. Unfortunately, we never seem to get it right. While the characters are often loved ala Bal Ganesh and Bal Hanuman, the animation is always frowned upon simply because they don’t seem to compare to the West where animated films are top […]

Dus Tola

Written by on October 24th, 2010

In India, a marriage involves the giving and taking of “gifts”. For the most part it’s not really a present, but in fact a dowry. However, since offering and accepting dowry in India is now an official crime, it has been denoted as a gift, present and so on. Dus Tola by Ajoy is a […]

Jhootha Hi Sahi

Written by on October 24th, 2010

When I saw Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na, I immediately assumed that Abbas Tyrewala had an understanding of modern young love. While JTYJN bared huge gaping holes that were unexplained, it still managed to make 80 percent sense and was feasible to a certain degree. You could never imagine Tyrewala making a period love film; […]


Written by on October 24th, 2010

Whenever I think Nagin, automatically my thoughts run to Sridevi. Her big bold eyes screamed venom and revenge. More than anything, her dancing skills made her by far the most incredible she-snake in Hindi cinema. Cut to 2010 and there is a new nagina in town. No more is she fully cladded and traditional. No […]

Masterchef’s Wife Can’t Cook!

Written by on October 22nd, 2010

While Akshay Kumar is playing host to Masterchef on television and is an avid cook, his wife, Twinkle is not a cooking fan. In fact on his show Masterchef, he went on to confess that his wife rarely ever enters the kitchen adding, “Cooks hain na ghar pe (there are cooks at home).” But this […]

Abhay Deol: Aisha Never Again!

Written by on October 21st, 2010

Abhay Deol has a remarkable set of films to his name and while they all have not been monetary blockbusters, he has definitely managed to gain critical acclaim from all his films. However, he did realize he made a serious mistake by signing Aisha. In fact, he has recently gone on to add that he […]

“When Mallika dances, she is electric” – Yogesh Dixit

Written by on October 21st, 2010

Hisss is on the brink of release and as time comes close to the date it hits cinemas, we are seeing more and more from the Hisss camp. More recently, you probably have caught the latest music videos promoting the snake film starring the likes of Mallika Sherawat, Irrfan Khan and Divya Dutta. These impressive […]

“Hisss is wonderful and creepy” – Jeff Doucette

Written by on October 19th, 2010

Hisss has been in the news for a while now courtesy Mallika Sherawat who cannot stop gushing and publicizing the film nonstop. Needless to say, by now we all know that the film is about a snake played by the actress. BollySpice had the unique chance of catching up with the villain of the film, […]

Koffee with Karan Updates!

Written by on October 18th, 2010

Promos for Koffee with Karan have already hit the airwaves which means the show is nearing its new season. Producers believe it KWK could start as early as the end of the year or otherwise the beginning of 2011. Rumors believe that regular on the show, Shah Rukh Khan would appear with his wife Gauri […]

Knock Out

Written by on October 18th, 2010

What is it with our filmmakers making frame-by-frame remakes of Hollywood films? It isn’t as though we lack ideas or even talent. Knock Out is basically a copy of Phone Booth and there is no two way about it. Not really sure what Mani Shankar, director to the film was thinking, but he has basically […]

“Hisss is the “biggest” film I’ve done so far!” – Mallika Sherawat

Written by on October 17th, 2010

Wherever she goes, she manages to create magic. Whether it’s back home in Bollywood, her new found home Hollywood and even on Twitter, Mallika Sherawat has become popular for the right and wrong reasons. When she came on the acting scene, we saw Sherawat become a part of the sex symbol brigade with her bold […]

Kangna: Raw Deal Again

Written by on October 17th, 2010

After Anurag Basu turned Kangna Ranaut’s role in Kites into nothing but a special appearance in Kites, Kangna promised to be wearier of the films she signed and the roles she took on. In an interview, she claimed she wouldn’t work with Anurag Basu in the future and even turned down a role he offered […]

Hisss Villain Talks the Making

Written by on October 16th, 2010

A film like Hisss filled with special effects and a rather situational plot cannot be easy to make. Hisss villain Jeff Doucette, who found himself a part of many stunts found himself challenging himself during the shooting of the film. “The hardest thing was the physicality of my character. I had to beat people up, […]

Hisss Villain Talks Hollywood-Bollywood

Written by on October 16th, 2010

With Hisss only days away from release, critics and audiences are curious about a film that has been featured at most film festivals and has generated much hype. Hisss villain, Jeff Doucette, is convinced that the film will work both in India and around the world. “A good story will be accepted everywhere. But we […]

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