Priyanka Calls out Bebo!

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The minute Kareena Kapoor was seen asking the question, “Where did she that accent from?” to Priyanka Chopra on Koffee with Karan during the Rapid Fire round, everyone knew a feud was on its way. And indeed it is. In an upcoming episode, Priyanka Chopra will take center stage as she and Shahid Kapoor appear on guests on the same show. As a rebuttal the P.C. replied in response to the question, “I want to tell Kareena that I got my accent from the same place where her boyfriend [Saif Ali Khan] got his.” She of course, was referring to the fact that she had studied overseas much like Khan.

While the duo have never claimed to be best buddies, they do claim to be mutual admirers of each other. The girls first met and bonded during Aitraaz but things went sour after rumors of Shahid and Priyanka were afloat. She made her opinion of Kareena pretty obvious during the show. She was heard saying, “I’m flattered that Kareena thinks I am a good actress…but otherwise I don’t think people take Bebo too seriously.” And wasn’t all. Karan Johar went to quiz her on what she would like to rob from the computers of famous stars. He named a few and when it came down to Kareena, Priyanka is said to have replied, “Does Kareena have a computer in the first place?”

It looks like Karan may have started yet another war via his chat show!

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