“I Think Puss is gorgeous!”: Shiamak Davar

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It’s amazing how some grown-ups never let the child inside them die. Popular choreographer Shiamak Davar recently proved this when he, along with his dance team, promoted the animation movie Puss In The Boots at a recent event. Dancing happily and thoroughly enjoying the event where seen kids in Puss masks and a jovially dressed up Puss In the Boots. One does wonder as to how a dance choreographer came to promote a kids movie. “Animation movies offer a very good platform because they connect well with kids as well as adults,” said Shiamak, “I believe animated movies send out a very spiritual message. Look at Lion King, what a strong spiritual message it sent! And if you see my house, it has only animation movies.”  Davar who feels that Puss is indeed gorgeous said that if he were to see a Bollywood actor in those boots it would be either Hrithik Roshan or Shahid Kapoor. “Certainly someone who can dance well!”

Puss in Boots is an animated venture by DreamWorks Animation and directed by Chris Miller. The movie released in India on 2 December 2011.

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