10 Years of Ashutosh Gowariker Productions Pvt. Ltd. (AGPPL)

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Ashutosh Gowariker Productions Pvt. Ltd. (AGPPL) is celebrating its 10-year anniversary by both looking back at the wonderful memories created across films like Swades, Jodhaa Akbar, What’s Your Raashee? Khelein Hum Jee Jaan Sey and their recent television production Everest, and also looking into the future with Mohenjo Daro and other new projects.


Years ago Ashutosh told his wife Sunita that he wanted to start a production house under which he would direct his films but only on the condition that she hold the reigns of production. And on December 17, 2004 when their first film Swades released, it was clear that they made a formidable team and AGPPL quickly became a respected production house associated with entertaining and yet meaningful big screen cinema. Starring Shah Rukh Khan in a role that broke away from his romantic image of the time, Swades went on to win accolades world over and continues to be spoken about even today.


AGPPL then traveled back in time to bring the audiences the epic romance of Jodhaa Akbar. A visual big screen extravaganza with memorable performances from both Hrithik Roshan and Aishwarya Rai Bachchan, the film went on to gross over 100 crores at the box office, even before it became a popular benchmark.

Their recent foray into television production began this year with one of the most ambitious projects in Indian television till date. Everest is the unique combination of an emotional story with scale and action.

But rest assured, AGPPL is not one to be satisfied just looking back at what they have already achieved and instead they are now focused on what awaits them in this next decade. 2015 begins with the filming of their Hrithik Roshan starrer, Mohenjo Daro. Set during the Indus Valley Civilization, Mohenjo Daro is an epic adventure-drama love story, set in an ancient era but in a modern context. The film brings together award winning international technicians and also introduces new find Pooja Hegde, opposite Hrithik.

As AGPPL heads into their next phase, we can all expect more dreaming, more magic and definitely more movies from them! There is wishing them congratulations on their 10-year anniversary and looking forward to the next 10!

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