1100 kilos glass wall shatters on the set of Wajah Tum Ho

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A majorly dangerous situation was averted which could have led several injured as the 1100 kilo glass wall shattered on the sets of Vishal Pandya’s Wajah Tum Ho. This thriller is based on a television being hacked to telecast a live murder.

The location where the murder takes place was built of 1100 kilos of glass which had water in it. While technical tests were done the previous night to check if the glass wall was stable enough to take the pressure of the water inside. The next day when the shooting began the glass wall collapsed with shattered glass all over the place. What worried Vishal was his actor inside who thankfully was saved by the crew without getting hurt. Of course the glass wall had to be rebuilt, but take two was shot without incident.

Wajah Tum Ho produced by T-Series releases Dec 2.


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