15 of Our Favorite AR Rahman International Movie Tracks

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Not only is AR Rahman a maestro of Indian film soundtracks and music, the composer has also created works for both stage and screen internationally. His most recent project was the music for Million Dollar Arm, which is in theaters now. We thought it would be cool to give you our list of some of the highlights of his international movie compositions including some from the new film!

Check the list out and then go forth and listen and buy!

‘If I Rise’ – 127 Hours
This outstanding song featuring the pitch perfect vocal combination of Dido and AR Rahman was nominated for an Academy Award.


‘Sajna’ and ‘The Waterfall’ – Couple’s Retreat
The gorgeous Sajna was written by A.R. Rahman and Blaaze and performed by P.J. Morton. Rahman also did many of the background instrumentals and one of our favorites has to be The Waterfall, but there are so many more be sure to look this one up!


‘O Saya’, ‘Dreams on Fire’, ‘Mausam’, ‘Jai Ho’… Slumdog Millionaire
Okay, so this is pretty much the whole OST but what can we say we love them all! Each has a cool unique sound that stand on their own as well as perfectly backing up what went on in the Oscar award winning film. Be sure to check out the other incredible tracks as well!


‘Family Pictures’ but also many of the other background score pieces – People Like Us
Another fabulous soundtrack full of wonderful music to back up and enhance the scenes in the film, one of the main ones that stood out for us is ‘Family Pictures’. If you are a fan of BG scores then check this one out!


Opening, Love Theme and Storm – Elizabeth: The Golden Age
For the epic tale of Elizabeth, the music had to live up to the majesty of the story and Rahman achieved that with his full orchestral pieces. He shows his classical side and each piece is a symphony. The three we listed are amazing but the entire score is brilliant.


‘Warriors in Peace’ – Warriors Of Heaven And Earth
AR Rahman used an amazing mix of styles, flavors and influences on the soundtrack for this film and each one is incredible. The Warriors in Peace song really was the one that caught our ear. There are three versions of the this song: our favorite is Jolin Tsai’s Mandarin version, but the English version sung by Sunitha Sarathy and the Hindi version by Sadhana Sargam must be heard as well.


‘Alive’ – Provoked
Sung by the amazing Karen David, this song had to make it on our list!


‘We Could Be Kings – Never Give Up’ – Million Dollar Arm
This is the first time that AR Rahman has done a sports movie and he said that he wanted to have both the Indian and Western flavor to the music. We Could Be Kings has that Western vibe featuring singer KT Tunsall. Of course there are also instrumentals as background score and Never Give Up is fab. We also have to mention ‘Unborn Children’ “Thirakkadha Kaatu Kulle” sung by K S Chithra and Unnikrishnan, featured in the 1999 film En Swasa Kaatre.

Did we miss any of yours? Let us know in the comments!

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