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Manoj Bajpai as Major Suraj Singh
Major Suraj Singh was captured on 12th December, 1971 in Uri sector on account of running out of ammunition. He hails from 18 Rajputana Rifles and was imprisoned at kot Lakhpat jail in Lahore. He has been said to have made two escape attempts from there and was dealt with severely.

He is the father figure in the Prisoners of War camp and has nobody to go back to in India, but he wants to do this for a bigger cause. He wants the rest to meet up with their families. In this camp he makes the men not forget their army manners. From entertainment of the Prisoners of Wars to disciplining them, Major Suraj Singh is always there.

Ravi Kishan as Captain Jacob
Captain Jacob hails from Cochin. He had fallen in love with his wife in a cinema hall and had got married just 2 years before the war started. She is waiting for him in the hope that he will come back alive someday. He specializes as an explosive and topography expert and it comes in handy whilst they are all on the run.

Chitaranjan Giri as Subedar Ahmed
He comes from a small town Muslimabad. He has left his three month pregnant wife at home prior to leaving for the war. He was the only son and was supporting his two aged parents. He had taken care of all his superiors in the best way. And at the Prisoners of War camp he was in Major Suraj Singh’s regiment to whom he served loyally.

Kumud Mishro as Captain Kabir
Captain Kabir is a married, shy and a quite man by nature who comes from Pune. He has a daughter who is 11 years old and often dreams of himself walking the streets of Pune with his daughter and wife. He is also from Major Suraj Singh’s regiment and is his most trusted officer. He takes Major Suraj Singh in the highest regard.

Manav Kaul as Flight Lt. Ram and Deepak Dobriyal as Flight Lt. Gurtu
Flight Lt. Ram and Flight Lt.Gurtu bothering to 21st Squadron MIG 21. Ram is from Delhi while Gurtu is from Srinagar. They both met in their training days and have been best friends ever since. Both of them are second generation air force officers and planned to get married as soon as they get back . Both flew out from Ambala, were shot down and caught by the enemy and were imprisoned together in Mutant jail. They are great buddies with a very quirky sense of humour. They would go to any extent to ensure each other’s well being, literally, a friendship to die for.

Story line

A band of six Indian prisoners of war have to make the most daring escape from a Pakistani camp to the Indian border at all costs. What ensues is a gut-wrenching chase, across the unyielding terrain, where these men brave inhuman weather conditions and the constant threat of the Pakistani officials on the hunt for the stray Paw’s

All they have to rely in this dangerous mission are each other, their undying sprit and their love for their homeland. But will these be enough to see them through.

Our Rating

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