36 Farmhouse – A Subhash K Jha Review

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36 Farmhouse(Zee5)

Starring Vijay Raaz, Sanjay Mishra Madhuri Bhatia, Amol Parasher, Barkha Singh, Ashwini Kalsekar, Flora Saini

Directed by Ram Ramesh Sharma

“Chutiyon se bhara padaa hai yeh ghar,” Vijay Raaz observes midway through this mishmash of the worse and the worst. That Subhash Ghai should come to this is a tragedy of Shakespearean proportions.

Not that anyone in this , hands-down Ghai’s worst production to date, has ever heard of Shakespeare. The characters are a bunch of buffoons and clowns , titivated with no redeeming qualities except that they can keep a straight face even when confronted with one of the dumbest most witless screenplays that actors have ever been given to read ever seen the motion picture was invented.

If Lumiere were to see what his dream has come to , he would slash his wrist.

Did actors like Vijay Raaz and Sanjay Mishra actually read the script before saying yes to this cretinous concoction ? Or were they so desperate for work during these trying times? Both the seasoned actors bring nothing to the table; not their fault: there is nothing to bring on the table.

Raaz plays a crooked avaricious son to a Rani Maa kind of matriarch who ran out of steam about 30 years ago in films like Suraj and Raj Tilak. Madhuri Bhatia who plays Rani Maa has a certain regal air about her—she was part of Subhash Ghai’s Pardes where played a similar hoity-toity Rani Maa.

Time seems to have frozen for this actress. Sadly the rest of the plot and cast also seem to be stuck in a time warp. Nothing makes sense,least of all the reason to make this humiliating film: humiliating to every artiste from Subhash Ghai to Ashwini Kalsekar who has contributed to the brainless nihility of this brackish brew buoyed by a borderline brainlessness cooked up by what seems to be a lobotomized team.

Speaking of cooking Sanjay Mishra plays a cook who is more of a crook. He is a migrant during lockdown who detours into Rani Maa’s palace where Vijay Raaz a new-age avatar of yesteryears’ slimy badman Jeevan, is playing a game that would put Kans Mama to shame.

The Corona references are constantly thrown into the frying pan. Sadly someone forgot to light the stove. 36 Farmhouse is a DOA product. Good actors like Amol Pareshar(playing an affable pandemic migrant named Harry) and Flora Saini(playing Vijay Raaz’s hormonally rushed sister-in-law) struggle to make sense of a plot that has more holes than Swiss cheese.

And then,to name the film after Aparna Sen’s 36 Chowringhee Lane is adding insult to insult. Forget injury. The product is too dumb to hurt anyone.

0 Stars

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