3G Movie Review

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Nothing is more infuriating than sitting through a film for 2 hours in hopes that the potential in its premise will soon be realised yet to never see it happen.  Director duo Sheershak Anand and Shantanu Ray Shhibber’s horror thriller 3G is sadly one of those infuriating experiences.

The Neil Nitin Mukesh and Sonal Chauhan starrer is the second blatant Tourism Fiji brochure from Eros this year (Table No 1 was the earlier film). It attempts to thrill you with a supernatural tale about a phone that can connect with departed souls. Sam and Sheena acquire the phone whilst holidaying in Fiji and are soon sucked into a living nightmare. Gruesome videos and prank calls haunt them by night and by day Sam starts to transform into somebody else. They set out to uncover the truth behind the phone and perhaps discover more than they were prepared for.

3G’s biggest problem is that its 2 hours too long. The film serves very little purpose. It doesn’t entertain, doesn’t thrill nor does it give you the chills it promises. Just when you thought you couldn’t be more annoyed with the film the climax arrives and you see a glimmer of hope. However this is soon taken away with a half-baked & half explained climax that leaves you with questions in abundance. But wait there’s more! As the end credits rolls in so does a very questionable so-called social message. The message attempts to educate viewers about the consequences of pornography. Makers of 3G decide to take the liberty and judge the pornography industry and its consumers. How and why is it any of the their business to dictate which industry a person chooses to work in and what an individual chooses to download on their devices we truly don’t know. The message is offensive and a plain oversight of basic freedom of trade and choice that every individual exercises.

Apart from a dragged out screenplay and an inappropriate social message, the film boasts of highly uncomfortable forced and unneeded sex scenes. Ironic considering the message the film wants to deliver. There are also unneeded songs abruptly inserted into the screenplay. Granted Mithoon’s music deserves to be applauded, the genre and the film had no space for it.

As for performances, Neil Nitin Mukesh comes across as a very unstable performer who may deliver something decent in one sequence however in the very next scene he’ll unintentionally make you laugh in an attempt to scare or wow you. Sonal Chauhan and her screams bother you quite a bit.  It truly is an art to be scared and to scream for the whole duration of a film and not annoy the audiences. An art that Ms Chauhan is nowhere near mastering.

Here’s hoping 3G is the worst of the year because anything anymore disastrous than this is a bit hard to imagine at this point. 3G presses all the wrong buttons and annoys you to the fullest extent. Avoid this one and put the saved funds towards a trip to Fiji, you’ll get to see the beauty of it without having endure to the movie.

Our Rating

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