404 Error Not Found – A must watch new age psychological thriller

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Reliance Home Video has released the critically acclaimed ‘404 Error Not Found’ on Home Video.

404 Error Not Found is psychological thriller debating the paradox of illusion and reality. Written and directed by Prawaal Raman, 404 features Imaad Shah, Nishikant Kamat, Rajvvir Aroraa, Tisca Chopra and Satish Kaushik in lead roles.

Speaking about the association with film Sweta Agnihotri, COO of Reliance Home Video said “ We are happy to have associated with Imagik Media, 404 Error Not Found is a film that is original in content and radical in its approach. We are sure that the Home Video will be appreciated by new age audiences who are sure to enjoy this well made and innovative thriller”

The Home Video has been released on DVD ( Rs.199) and VCD (Rs.99) and is available across retail stores in India.

About 404

Professor Anirudh (Nishikant Kamath) strongly believes in science and for him things which don’t have scientific explanation don’t exist. A room in his medical institution is rumoured to have some supernatural powers which he surely doesn’t believe.

Professor Aniruddh is impressed with a rational student Abhimanyu’s (Rajvvir Aroraa) decides to dispel all rumours about the room that has been forbidden for years.

What follows is an intriguing story about a Professor who denies the paranormal and believes only in Science, and a bright young student who battles with his conflict of illusion and reality.

What Abhimanyu sees is it real or is his mind playing tricks?

Is the Professor’s conviction that “its all in the mind” enough to convince the once rational Abhimanyu that what he sees is not real…or is it???

Do you believe what you see …or… see what you believe?

Critical acclaim

404 received positive reviews from various critics. Here are some excerpts:

“Thank God our film makers have stopped taking the audience for granted and have begun to credit them an IQ apart from an EQ. Of course, intelligent cinema is still a rarity in our film industry. But there are a handful of films, now and then, which do not demand you leave your brains behind. Prawaal Raman’s404 is one of them.” – Times of India [Nikhat Kazmi]

“On the whole, 404 is yet another innovative story with a taut screenplay, riveting direction and applaud-worthy performances as its strong points.” – Bollywood Hungama [Taran Adarsh]

“Director Prawaal Raman, comes up with an engaging plot, which is complimented by a compelling story-telling. You are involved in the film and are constantly trying to decipher what will happen next. The astute twists in the climax are riveting and take you completely off-guard.” – Glamsham [Pankaj Sabnani]

“In one word, stunning! That’s the impact of Prawaal Raman’s supernatural thriller. No creaking doors, no dolby-driven demoniacal sound effects, no half-naked girls running around with banshee shrieks and provocative protests, none of the trappings of the horror genre. And yet “404” is one of the most terrifying movie experiences in recent times.” – Nowrunning [Subhash K. Jha]

Director’s Note

It’s my effort to defy the proposal makers who surprisingly never are tired of churning out the same concept, showcasing films with just changed characters and new locations and of course the DVD and re-makers. The idea of telling universal story with a distinct element of thrill and suspense, and originality being the inspiration, the door to 404 was opened.

I strongly believe that the vulnerability of the human minds is exploited by the ruling and marketing agencies and eventually our likes and dislikes too are governed and controlled by them. You are served what you are made to like, believed to love, forced to accept…

404 is a suspense thriller set in a medical college, exploring the human mind and the seen forces shackling it. The conflict is in the defiance…

Do you believe what you see? Or see what you believe?

As a team we believed in what we saw.. the concept.. My producers too believed in not succumbing to proposals and they collaborated after the very first narration. The team got to associate with the talented directors, actors and music, and I believe we were very fortunate in the ones who joined hands to showcase their world of expression through this concept. My wish is to give the audience a suspense thriller, the suspense of which is right there, within our very own lives and yet unseen, unnoticed and unfolded… unlocking anybody?

404… even defying the URL error.. As a team were on the right page…

Get ready to ‘Psych Your Mind!!

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