5 Awesome Things About Don 2

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After almost 5 long years, the much-awaited sequel to the 2006 hit Don is finally set to hit theaters this Christmas. Bollywood fans went crazy over the release of the first teaser this week and excitement is clearly building for the action-thriller, Don 2: The Chase Continues. So, why are fans so excited? Here are 5 awesome things about Don 2.

5. It’s a sequel that actually deserves a sequel. Though it was a remake, Don still left viewers with a twisted and completely unexpected ending – and one which actually warrants a sequel. The fact that Don actually got away completely baffled viewers and left many questions to be answered. Where did Don go? How will Roma seek revenge? Only a Don 2 would be able to answer these questions.

4. The action. In just one short teaser we see multiple vehicles blow up, car chases, and SRK flying down the side of the building. One can only imagine what more there is in store!

3. The “Junglee Billis.” Priyanka Chopra is all set to reprise her role as Roma, while Lara Dutta has been roped in for another leading role. With these sexy sirens in the movie, viewers are surely in for a treat that will undoubtedly include action, romance, and plain girl power.

2. The style. In 2006, Don presented us with a modern style never before seen in Bollywood and Don 2 will be no different. Judging from the recent trailer, Don 2 will be just as sleek as its predecessor with especially chic costuming, music, special effects, and the German locales.

1. Shah Rukh Khan. Need we say more? Shah Rukh Khan brings an impeccable style to the character of Don and shows us a cruelly attractive type of evil. From his flawless dialogue delivery to his dashing looks Shah Rukh not only owns his character, but owns the movie itself. And, since King Khan will reportedly be donning a six-pack in this movie, we can look past that long hair!

With more than 5 months to go until the release, we’ve already discovered so much awesome in the film. Be sure to stay tuned to BollySpice.com for more news on Don 2.

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