5 Invaluable Lessons that our Youth can learn from Piku

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Shoojit Sircar’s family comedy drama ‘Piku’ was released to packed theatres and the film was an instant hit with the audience. While fans of the film definitely loved the father-daughter relationship and the Irrfan-Deepika love story, the quirky drama also managed to convey some invaluable messages. Here are the few lessons to take back from the characters of Piku, Rana and Bhashkor Banerjee:

1. Gender Equality

Piku Image 4 - Playing Nanny to a Friend's daughter
Indian culture has always given more importance to the male child. In many parts of India it isstill believed that the son of the family is the one to take care of their parents. Piku teaches us otherwise. Coming froman avant-gardeBengali family, Piku is the perfect daughter who makes sure every whim and fancy of her father is fulfilled.

2. Family Values

The character of Piku is definitely up-to-date with the current generation, yet she finds herself unknowingly holding on to her traditions and roots.

3. Responsibility

Another important lesson the current generation can learn from Piku is responsibility. As a girl who lost her mother at a young age, Pikutook on household responsibilities and everything that came with it.

4. Independence

Along with being extremely responsible Piku was also an independent working woman. Having learner from her mother’s experience, she worked towards building a professional career as well. This shoulddefinitely inspire the youth as it is something that is highly misused in today’s day and age.

5. Love is not materialistic

15jan_Piku Deepika Irrfan
At the end of the beautiful family drama, the audience is exposed to Deepika & Irrfan’s beautiful and mature love story. The characters – Rana and Piku who fall in love during a road trip from Delhi to Kolkata display a pure and sincere connection, without any materialistic benefits.

Piku, her baba and Rana have been some excellent examples for the youth of India, don’t you think? We can’t wait to see more films like this which are content driven and leaves the audience with something to think about. That’s the true beauty of the film!

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