8 x 10 Tasveer

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Akshay Kumar has done nothing but disappoint this year jutting out the likes of the fiasco Chandni Chowk to China (‘nuff said). A hit to his name would help him gain back some credibility and popularity he was definitely losing. Ayesha Takia, who post Dor hasn’t managed to create any waves, also needed a much needed hit to help her sinking career. Nagesh Kukunoor, the director behind the incredible Iqbal, the distinguished Dor and previously the exceptional Hyderabad Blues, takes on the duo in 8 x 10 Tasveer. Kukunoor has a reputation of going against the usual grain. His track record clearly demonstrates that his scripts and direction are always hatke from the usual. For the second week in a row Bwood has come out with a Sci-Fi flick equipped with photographs et al; last week was Aa Dekhe Zara with Neil Nitin Mukesh clicking pictures of the future. Does 8 x 10 Tasveer do justice to his unscarred reputation? Does it manage to give the actors the much needed accolade they are desperate for?

Jai Puri (Akshay Kumar) is an environmental activist and works as a forest ranger in Canada. He is also the possessor of supernatural powers and can take a quick peek into the past (and future) when he views a picture of a particular person or situation. However it comes at a cost. He must be electrocuted and endure the pain of blood transfusions after every ordeal to regain consciousness and life. He also indulges in a live-in relationship with his girlfriend and wife-to-be, Sheela Patel (Ayesha Takia). All falls apart when Jai’s father, Jatin Puri (Benjamin Gillani), owner of a business empire who also believes his son is wasting away his life and instead should be handling his business instead, dies in a freak water accident. Detective Happibullah Pasha (Javed Jaffrey) convinces Jai that his father has been murdered for monetary purposes. Even though, the father and son have constantly been at loggerheads, he decides to get to the bottom of the mystery. With the help of his mother (Sharmila Tagore) and a photo clicked just before the accident, he unravels a deep dark secret but not before some daredevil stunts all in Khiladi style.

Has Nagesh Kukunoor gone off the deep end? I cannot, for the life of me fathom, how the director of acclaimed films such as Iqbal and Dor, can come up with such an odd movie such as 8 x 10 Tasveer. Besides the stunts, which really should be credited to Akshay Kumar, there is nothing to say about the film. Incorrectly executed and written, this movie has nothing going for it at all. It has one huge plot and then a few subplots that not only confuses the viewer but also causes you to wonder why they were all even necessary. This whodunit flick will leave your jaw dropping at the end when the murderer is revealed, but not because it is shocking but more because at how ridiculous it is. His ideology behind the death of Jatin Puri and the murderer is strange and baseless.

In terms of performances, Akshay Kumar takes the icing in this half-baked movie. Although the script leaves little scope for an actual performance, it is definitely a step up from his crazy stint in Chandni Chowk to China. Ayesha Takia is cute and devlish. Javed Jaffrey provides a moment or two of relief. The cast tries to add life to an otherwise dead script and ultimately adds no solace to the movie.

Disappointment is the correct adjective to use which sums up 8 x 10 Tasveer. Honestly, if Kukunoor thought that he would get 8 out of 10 for his rubbish offering, he had better rethink that idea. In fact, a better idea would be for him to take another look at his film and much like the protagonist, Kukunoor should go back in time and consider dissecting the reasons behind why his movie is ultra bogus.

This tasveer does not require your attention or praise. Ditch this one.

Our Rating

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