A bit about ‘My Name is Khan’

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Fans are clamoring for news about the Shah Rukh Khan-Kajol starrer, My Name is Khan, directed by Karan Johar. We can report a bit about the the highly anticipated film. It is definitely going to be a departure from the usual romantic filmi avatar we have see the trio do before. The film deals with the aftermath of 9/11 for Muslims living in America.

Shah Rukh’s character is just one of six characters with Muslim names who are forced to endure distrust and extra security checks at airports even years after the 2001 attacks. This has in fact happened to the superstar himself, “Internationally, if you have a Muslim surname, you might be considered a terrorist. At London airport, every time I go, people recognize me, but they see my second name, and they give me an extra checking,” SRK said.

Karan Johar revealed a bit about SRK’s character on his blog, “Rizvan Khan, the protagonist in the film, suffers from Aspergers Syndrome (high functioning Autism) and Shibani Bhatija, the screenplay writer of the film has researched this disorder very accurately and I can’t wait to see Shah Rukh portray it.”

The film goes to the floor on December 15th in Los Angeles, and KJo admits to being quite nervous; “To say I’m nervous is still understating my state of mind because there are some moments in the day where I do feel extremely incapable of handling this complex film. But I suppose venturing into new territory and tapping into the right tone is a challenge I look forward to taking on.”

He added, “The message that runs right through My Name Is Khan is in strong support of humanity, which at the end of the day is the only way to rise above any of the cultural or religious differences that continue to engulf us.”

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