A book on tragedy queen of Indian cinema – Meena Kumari

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Yesteryear actress, the late Meena Kumari, better known as tragedy queen, has been an enigma. The life of the screen personality has remained a mystery with very few knowing the personal side to her. Well, the talented actresses hidden and dark secrets will be soon out. The latest buzz has it that Meena Kumari’s stepson Shandar Amrohi is all set to encapsulate his encounter with the actress in a book to be penned down by yesteryear filmmaker Barkha Roy, sister of actress Reena Roy. Our source said, “It is well known that Kamaal Amrohi had had two marriages. Though Amrohi’s first wife, Mehmoodi, gave birth to Shandar, he was very close to Meena Kumari. He has great respect and regard for the late actress and even acknowledges that he has learnt a lot from her just like a real son from his mother.”

The book tentatively titled ‘Nowhere to Somewhere’ will give a detailed encounter of Shandar’s experience with Meena Kumari. “Shandar has already shared with Barkha his personal encounters with Meena who found them to be very emotional and touching. There are a lot of things not known about Meena Kumari. Shandar hopes that the book will show the late actress in a completely different light. In fact Barkha was heard confiding in friends that whatever Shandar had shared with her had moved her to tears and that she was completely moved by her story.”

When contacted Shandar confirmed the story saying, “Yes it is true that my biography is being penned down by Barkha Dutt which largely mentions a lot about Meena Kumari. The actress has played a very important role in my upbringing and this is my ode to her.” Barkha Dutt said, “Shandar and I have been friends and when he mentioned about the idea of writing his biography I was apprehensive. But when he narrated his encounters with Meenaji I was shell shocked. I knew had to write this book. In fact I have already completed a major part of the book and it should be ready in two months time.”

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