A Fight, a Make up and a Proposal??

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You probably have read the many different accounts of what happened at Katrina Kaif’s birthday party this past weekend. It is being reported that Salman Khan and Shah Rukh Khan almost came to blows after trading verbal jabs. We thought we would try and summarize all the news that is out there and also add a new twist to the kahani.

Scene: Olive Bar and Kitchen, Bandra
Event: Katrina Kaif’s Birthday Party
What Happened: Many of the stories report that Salman was drunk and started to kid Shah Rukh about the success of his show Dus Ka Dum over SRK’s Paanchvi Paas. Shahrukh was bearing it silently but Salman kept on, SRK got miffed, said something about Aishwarya Rai (really?) and Salman lost it. The two almost started to physically fight. Another says that Sallu upset that SRK said no to being in Mrs Aur Mrs. Khanna started picking on SRK and things escalated from there with the two saying that they would fight each other. A third completely different story says that Salman, Shahrukh and Aamir were all sitting talking and SRK said something about the three of them appearing in a movie together. Salman said that scheduling and finding a script would be near impossible and suggested they do a stage show. With the proceeds going to the Prime Minister Fund. SRK teased that Sallu about his charity work, Sallu supposedly said, “Now that we’re all above 40, let’s stop talking about films, etc, and do something that will stun the whole nation. Kuch mardonwali baat karen (let’s do something really macho).” SRK got mad then made the some comment about Aish, Salman lost it and they almost came to blows. Each story ends with Gauri getting SRK to leave the party. One report said it was Salman that made the comment about Aish. Another story also reports that Aamir talked to Salman after the fight and calmed him down. The two then went to SRK’s and things were patched up with a handshake in the end. The story seemed to be confirmed when Sanjay Dutt talked about the fight saying he was shocked and that he would not take sides. Munna Bhai is currently shooting in South Africa but said when he gets back he will work on bringing the two back together.

However this is all second hand reports until we hear from either Shah Rukh or Salman it is still just rumors.

The twist in the kahani is that one paper is reporting a happy story. According to them, Salman proposed to Katrina!! Supposedly he prearranged something with the DJ at the party and at a certain moment the DJ played a song from Mujhse Shaadi Karogi. When the music began to play Salman went down on one knee and proposed. Katrina, it was said, was so shocked she did not do anything. It was assumed she said yes. How’s that for a twist?

If either Sallu or SRK do make a statement or we hear Katrina did say yes we will be sure to report it so check back here for more on this developing story!

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