A Glimpse of Maturity in the Bir-Deepika Relationship

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One does get quite sick of hearing about the jealous ex’s and the even more jealous current partners in relationships, so it was quite refreshing to hear that the hit jodi of Ranbir Kapoor and Deepika Padukone are breaking out from this trend by accepting each other’s past.

It was a well known fact that Deepika was less than cordial towards Sonam Kapoor in the past who is supposedly Ranbir’s ex, and the same sort of scenario was applied to Ranbir and his feelings toward Deepika’s ex, Nihar Pandya. However, it looks like the two love birds have finally matured and have decided that accepting the past is something that has to be done. Recently at Slumdog Millionaire‘s premiere, all four (Sonam, Ranbir, Deepika & Nihar) were seen to be hanging out throughout the night in the same circle.

Now at last our stars have taken seriously their star power and are setting a great example for all their admirers by this very mature take on life and love! Kudos to the both of them for moving on!

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