A Kolaveri for Sachin

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To say that “Why this Kolaveri Di” is a successful song is an understatement. From Youtube to TV to radio, the song has spread like wildfire and continues to do so. But the masterminds behind the song, actor-singer-songwriter Dhanush and upcoming music director Anirudh have come together for yet another song along the lines of Kolaveri for our very own cricket champion Sachin Tendulkar.

Backed by energy drink Boost for their new campaign, the actor, who has won a National award for his portrayal of Karuppu in Aadukalam was speaking to Times of India, as he recalled a match he watched on set while filming. “Sachin was batting like a warrior and had gone past 150. I was sure he would hit a double ton and was eagerly waiting for it. However, he top-edged one delivery and got out. I was very upset that entire day” confessed the actor. Although director Vetrimaran wasn’t too impressed, all is forgiven in the name of Sachin.

The video features southern siren Sweety Shetty and Anirudh as well.


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