A look at the trailer for the highly anticipated film RRR

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Nothing unexpected happens in the tremulously awaited trailer of S S Rajamouli’s RRR. Apparently the 3 ‘R’s stands for Raama Roudra Rushitam, Rise Revolt Revenge. Jai Hind to that.

Everyone in the trailer is in a hurry. The pace of narration is so breathless that you may miss the one shot of Ajay Devgan that comes and goes like a breeze. What we are left staring at(wide-eyed open-mouthed, of course) is a filmmaker trying to equal the vision of his own last film.

So does RRR match the epic grandeur of Baahubali? The answer to that is a firm no. Why should it? Baahubali belonged to the kitschy kingdom of Hindu mythology. RRR is Rajamouli’s depiction of the British Empire where apparently the sun never set. But star-sons are a different matter. Two of the most illustrious star sons(on of whom is more wooden than the ornate sets visible everywhere in the trailer) Ramcharan Teja and NTR Jr take on the might of the British Empire, represented by villainous-looking senior citizens, one of whom actually dares to physically assault Alia Bhatt.

The Gora Gorrilla doesn’t know what he is up against. Neither do we. The trailer of RRR had me confused. What are we looking at here? The end of the British Raj according to Rajamouli? Decades ago Manmohan Desai did Mard where Amitabh Bachchan took on the vampires in the British Empire. I vividly recall one sequence in that captivating homage to kitschy nationalism where Mr Bachchan reacted to a sign at a club which read, ‘Dogs and Indians Not Allowed.

Wait until NTR Jr and Ramcharan Teja see that sign at the door! There is hell to pay in the trailer of RRR. Motorcycles fly, our two heroes somersault in the air and land with perfect balance on their feet. Hopefully the film will do the same.

Going by the tumultuous drama in the trailer RRR is all set to become a blockbuster when it releases in January 2022. It is packed with a designer patriotism with the two heroes playing friends on the opposite of the empirical fence, confronting one another’s allegiance and eventually joining hands to annihilate the common enemy.

Wow, how original is that! The British Empire which has been quivering fearfully ever since Vicky Kaushal tracked down General Dwyer, is now in serious trouble. You can’t assault Alia Bhatt and get away with it.

In the end, RRR: The Trailer Is Tumultuous But Trite

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