A New Shamita Shetty Set to Stun in BB3

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Now that the final cast for Big Boss 3 has finally been settled, it may have come as a surprise to many viewers to find Shilpa’s quiet little sister amongst the contestants. But this is a new Shamita Shetty, strongly focussed and determined to carve her own destiny following her commitment to Oneness University. What does she hope to gain from the experience? “To discover my real self,” she says, “I have been part of the Oneness University for a while and now this. I see it as an extension of knowing the true me. This is the first time that I will be away from my family and friends. I consider it as a lifetime opportunity.”

Shamita has recently been talking about what she looks for in a man and the issue of spirituality raises its head once again. “I need a man who is intelligent, has a passion for life, and is spiritually inclined,” she explains, “When both partners are spiritually inclined, it takes the relationship to another level. There is growth and satisfaction.”

Other than a small spot in Hari Puttar, Shamita’s last major role was in the dreadfully edited Cash, since then she has all-but-disappeared from view. She is currently working as a creative consultant on a new production house with sister Shilpa. Their first movie is planned to be a kick-ass girl-hero affair for which casting is currently taking place.

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