A.R. Rahman delights music lovers on MTV Unplugged

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Renowned music composer A.R. Rahman has graced the television screens of millions of households as he appeared in the second season of India’s MTV Unplugged. Rahman and his band provided live acoustic versions of some of the maestro’s most memorable songs taken from films such as Dil Se, Lagaan, Swades and Delhi-6. Rahman expressed his joy on being invited to participate in this program to a leading Indian newspaper and stated the following: “This show is an international platform and is known to have a great following abroad. It’s an incredible effort they’ve made to bring the same opportunity to musicians and fans to be a part of a unique musical journey. I’m delighted to be part of the second season and honoured to share this opportunity with my fellow musicians.”

The show broadcasted on 3 November at 8pm IST on MTV India. You can view some of the performances which Rahman gave on their official website. One of the songs which we strongly recommend you check out is ‘Dil Se Re’ which was fantastically enacted by Rahman and his band, with a great twist given to this classic number. During the recording for the show, Rahman stated to an MTV interviewer about what music means to him and how it makes him feel. “Music is very therapeutic. You forget that it’s a work. It becomes something you should really enjoy, which you should discover and where you can go to a space that is only for you. And then you can sort of box it and give it to the people and tell them ‘this is what I’ve found.’”

For anyone who is a massive A.R. Rahman fan, we advise you to check out his exclusive appearance on MTV Unplugged and witness the phenomenal magic that he creates right before your eyes!

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