A Tribute: Irrfan Khan in his own words

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I am stunned that I am writing this. I am at a loss of words which is not brilliant considering I am a writer and words are what I do best. But, there are moments in life where you fall short and I guess this is one of them. So I guess I am cheating slightly. Mr Khan this is my tribute to you. You, in your own words… so everyone can read your words over and over again…

On his looks
‘People like to see my work – not my face’
I never looked to create an image where people fall in love with my face or style. Yes it does cross my mind , but I have tried to create a space for myself where I don’t depend on that

On his work ethic
‘I want to entertain people, but with some substance’

‘The day I become conventional something inside me will die’

‘The sign of a good society is where talent is respected’

‘You cannot reduce the power of a story with the tag of money because it is not the share market. You must know the seriousness of the power of storytelling’

‘For whatever I need to speak – I need to find their music. Once I find the melody of the dialog then that melody belongs to my body. It is with that melody that I perform’ (on humming his dialogues)

On the film industry being an influencer for society
‘They cannot. They can just become part of a movement, if it’s already there. It can support – but it themselves cannot change it. They definitely affect people’s mind. People aspire to become like the characters they see on screen. So in that way they do affect people’s psyche’

On being an actor
‘You get the opportunity to reflect your work. Your dreams Your pains. Your desires. Your aspirations. You can share them through stories to others. What a story does to people’s hearts is a very very very special part of being an actor’.

And a parting lesson for us all to remember –
‘Izzat aur Zillat aapke haath main nahin hai’

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