“‘A Wednesday’ wasn’t good enough reason for Naseer saab to do ‘John Day'” – Anjum Rizvi

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A few years back Naseeruddin Shah had played a central role in A Wednesday which turned out to be a cult outing. In fact the film is a major success amongst audience till date. The film also succeeding in forging a good relationship between the actor and producer Anjum Rizvi. Now that the two are returning with John Day, is seems quite apparent that this relationship came in handy to result in yet another outing.

“Well, relationship and all of course matters. If that wouldn’t have been the case toh phir meri shakal dekh kar hi bhaga dete,” laughs Rizvi, “Having said that, everyone knows Naseer saab. Just because of the fact that we had collaborated earlier on A Wednesday isn’t a reason good enough for him to do another film with me. If the script of John Day wouldn’t have excited him, he would have still turned me away. As a matter of fact, even I wouldn’t have approached him had ‘John Day’ not been a film that suited his stature.”

Fortunately for him and his co-producers K. Asif and Aatef A Khan, the actor instantly developed a liking for the film which features him in the title role.

“He is someone who doesn’t just listen to a narration but also reads the script on his own. He spent some time on it by himself and said that he was on. It was pretty much a deja vu moment for me though since even in case of A Wednesday, he had reacted very positively to the film,” adds Rizvi.

Now with another intense actor Randeep Hooda coming on board, one wonders whether history would repeat itself and another cult outing would be in the offering. The film releases all over on 13th September.

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