Aamir And 11 Lucky Lagaan Fans to play Cricket

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The release of Lagaan on DVD has already been an exciting event and a very successful venture. Now Aamir Khan and Excel Home Videos have another surprise in store for all of us and especially fans of the DVD. They are going to host a cricket match at the Infinity Mall; Andheri West on July 14th at 2:00 between the Lagaan 11 team and 11 lucky fans who have purchased the DVD. The Lagaan team will consist of Aamir; along with the other stars of the Oscar nominated film and one can only imagine how exciting the match will be, especially for the lucky fans playing!

The match, which was organized by Excel Home Entertainment and Landmark stores will be a limited over game inside the mall itself, barricaded by nets. The public can come out and enjoy this once in a lifetime event!

Khan said, “Lagaan DVD has been a landmark in Indian Home Entertainment and in itself the celebration of the Spirit of Lagaan. We wanted to share the celebration with the fans of the movie and hence have planned this cricket match”.

The site for the DVD is http://www.lagaandvd.com and Aamir Khan has also set up a blog to talk about Lagaan and many other topics so check it out!

Also, another surprise in store for fans who have purchased the Lagaan Collectors Edition wooden DVD Box set, in 10 of the boxes there is an invitation to have dinner with Aamir Khan!

Now if only I lived in India!

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