Aamir Feels Homesick

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Just because Aamir Khan isn’t in India at the moment doesn’t mean he’s out of touch with his homeland. In his most recent blog post, the 3 Idiots star recounts being tormented by texts and voicemails all night long while at the Sundance Film Festival in Park City, USA. When he awoke, what did Aamir behold but dozens of congratulations for his work’s most recent recognition: Padma Bhushan.

Aamir confessed he was a bit homesick upon hearing about the National Award while out of the nation that gave it to him. Still, he managed to convey his thanks to India, Vande Mataram, and of course, the people who put him where he is today: “Want to thank all my well wishers, my fans, for their love, respect and unwavering support over all these years. Thanks guys.”

Aamirians will also be glad to hear their idol’s report of a good reception for his film Peepli Live at the festival. Next up for the cinematic perfectionist? Deciding how best to market a star-less, foreign film to overseas audiences. No doubt the creativity that garnered his award will lead him to an effective strategy.

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