Aamir Injured Again

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Just about week ago we reported that Aamir Khan had injured himself on the set of Ghajini but being the hard worker aka “Mr. Perfectionist” he is, he was back shooting just a few days later. Unfortunately we have to report that as a result of not resting that injury, he has now hurt his other leg and even worse than his first injury. In a post on his blog titled, “Serves Me Right!!!”, Aamir explained what happened.

He wrote: “Just when I thought I was recovered I’ve injured myself again. And this time its worse than last time. Serves me right for taking it lightly and not resting myself enough. This time it’s my left leg and yes this time it is my hamstring. So we’ve had to call off the schedule, with the climax incomplete. I am so mad with myself!!!”

It was while shooting a stunt on the set today that he injured his left leg, “It happened about 4 hours ago in Sultan Bazar. The shot was me chasing the villain and taking a running dive to bring him down. As I took the leap my muscle buckled and the next thing I knew I was on the ground and in intense pain. No idea why it happened. But forced rest now.”

“Not interesting enough did I say last time? Well serves me right.”

He thinks that a pad that he landed on may be the cause for both injuries, “Because Pradeep and I were supposed to fall in the shot, the fight composer Peter had laid out a layer of thermacole to break our fall. However thermacole makes the ground beneath our feet very unstable. And I think the sudden give in the thermacole surprises the muscle and causes the injury. That’s what I think. Because in both cases, in the earlier injury and this one, we had thermacole on the ground. I’ve never had these kind of injuries before where the injury is not because of any impact but is as a result of the muscle not being able to take the stress. And never before have I been doing stunts on thermacole. This is the first time, and I’ve had two similar injuries within a span of two weeks.”

Sadly the injury is so bad the filming schedule has had to be delayed. “The doctor has ordered strict rest for 3 weeks atleast…”

His wife Kiran is on her way to be with him and that makes him very happy, “Only silver lining is I’ll get to see Kiran in another hour. When she heard she jumped on the flight and is on her way here,” Aamir wrote.

All of us at BollySpice wish Aamir a speedy recovery!

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