Aamir Khan and Vinod Chopra together again

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Aamir Khan is one an exceptional actor and person by far. Realizing the hero’s true value, he was invited along with director Vidhu Vinod Chopra to felicitate the 26/11 Mumbai Memorial Cup. The basketball game was organized by the local Mumbai Police in order to raise funds for the men in uniform who faced the terrorists head on and showed incredible courage. Chopra commended the police for their bravery and in his moving speech said, “When I was leaving home to come here, my seven year old daughter said: Papa, please tell the policemen of Mumbai that I feel safe and secure in my home because of them. That thought echoes my sentiments and I am sure every Mumbai resident feels the same way.”

Aamir shared the same sentiments and added, “It is the best opportunity to show my gratitude to all those brave men who stood their ground when the entire city was under siege. Words are falling short to describe these real heroes carrying the unprecedented wounds of that unfortunate event. Mumbai got its pulse back only because of them.” The duo also congratulated the brave officers who confronted the terrorists head on and expressed their gratitude toward them. They continued to watch the basketball match and are said to have thoroughly enjoyed themselves.

Clearly, these members of the industry do realize the importance of using their fame for the correct reasons too. Keep it up guys!

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