Aamir Khan back to work

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After taking a well deserved rest and time to catch up on some unfinished business Aamir Khan is back working on his next film Ghajini! On his recent blog update he talked a bit about resuming work, what’s next and whether he kept his new years resolution to quit smoking!

Aamir wrote that filming has resumed on the streets of Bombay for Ghajini and he also revealed that, “I will indeed be shaving off my head for Ghajini as around half the film requires me to.”

About his new years resolutions of quitting smoking, getting in shape and taking care of himself Aamir said, “Of my resolutions I have managed to stick to no smoking, my workouts have begun again, diet is also getting back slowly though sometimes I break it, and sleeping is still not totally in place though that has seen an improvement too. So getting back slowly.”

Everyone is waiting with baited breath for the Taare Zameen Par DVD and though no release date he did say, “As for DVD release of TZP… work on that is progressing but a little slow. Be assured that I am working very hard to come out with the best quality and some really special extras.”’

Finally he confirmed that he will be part of Hirani’s next film, “Yes I am doing Raju Hirani’s film being produced by Vinod Chopra tentatively titled Idiots.”

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