Aamir Khan celebrates Children’s Day

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Aamir Khan whose directorial debut Taare Zameen Par has a very big children’s cast went out of his way to especially celebrate Children’s Day this year. He not only visited a radio station he also visited a children’s charity and interacted with children at both places.

First up Aamir went to Radio Mirchi studios and had a great time with 4 special kids. Aamir was on the radio for two hours and during his segment he talked with the kids, took phone calls and even played songs for everyone listening.

Here is a sample of some of his answers that he gave when some kids asked him if you were a kid and:
“…I had exams during Diwali
I’d be out bursting crackers and have a great time. I’d blame it on my school for conducting exams during Diwali”
…I were home alone
First of all, I would attack the fridge and then make full use of the freedom with no authority around me
… And Aamir Khan came home one day
I would ask him to get me Govinda’s autograph (Aamir is a huge fan of Govinda)”

The day also had Aamir spending time with some of the children of Pratham. Pratham is an organization that helps kids who were forced into child labor and their goal is to get every one of those children in school. “Since its inception, the goal of the Pratham team has been to ensure that every child is in school and is learning well,” said Ashok Gaitonde, the Chief Finance Officer of Pratham.

In honor of Aamir coming to spend time with them the children performed songs and dances. One song struck a chord in Aamir’s heart and brought him to tears. The song was ‘Maiyya Meri Kahe Toh Mujhko Mumbai Bhejna’ (my mother, why did you send me to Mumbai) and Aamir said, “I was very moved by the song. I love interacting with children as they treat me normally and never like a star.”

He plans to show these kids Taare Zaameen Par, in fact he plans to show the film to as many children as possible. About why he chose to make the film Aamir said, “I feel very strongly about children. The issue of children and their childhood have always troubled me. There are so many children who are not economically well-off and suffer so much in life. So when the TZP script came along, I didn’t hesitate to do it. The film is about children and childcare which I feel strongly about.”

Finally he message to children in India on Children’s Day is: ”I want to tell all children that every child is special and that they should believe in themselves. There is some great quality in every child whether that be sports, music, education, painting, dancing etc. Har bachche mein ek khaas baat hai… and we should encourage our children to bloom and feel good about themselves.”

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