Aamir Khan Meets Rituparna Sengupta

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Risking a critical mass of brainpower, Aamir Khan met up with Rituparna Sengupta recently and discussed life, the universe and everything. In passing, they also picked up on child actor Darsheel Safary who has worked with both, most recently with Rituparna on Bam Bam Bhole. The two superstars of two different movie traditions apparently got on like a house on fire.

Rituparna, who began who career in the Bengali film industry, is enthusiastic about recent developments there. “The changes in all layers of society has had a positive effect on the evolution of Bengali films,” she says, “Now we have multiplexes – movies are not released in individual theatres any more – we have DVDs … the way people live their lives has changed, and along with it the stories and messages conveyed by cinema has also changed.”

Although Rituparna has not been seen much in Bollywood recently – other than a cameo role in Do Knot Disturb – she is happy with the opportunities coming her way in other cinema traditions. “I’m very happy,” she confirms, “I feel that the audiences look for quality films now, rather than being particular about the language.”

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