Aamir Khan: Tiger Shroff has the potential to be the topstar in the country

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Ever since the debut of Tiger Shroff, son of actor Jackie Shroff, was announced everyone wondered what this star son would bring to the table. At the trailer launch of his first film Heropanti, we definitely got a clear impression of what this 23-year old youngster is capable of!

The first posters of Heropanti obviously gave the impression of a love story but the trailer was action packed. Tiger not only looks like the next action hero, he does like the next action hero. His fighting skills are fantastic! He mesmerizes in these scenes. Actor Aamir Khan who graced the launched, believes Tiger is the next superstar.

“It gives me great pride and pleasure to present Tiger to all of you. I believe he is the new superstar on the horizon. I truly believe that he has a lot of potential to be the top-most star of the country and all of us wish him all the very best.”

Aamir added he is impressed with Tiger’s dedication and hard work. “I have spent a little time with him. I had the pleasure of working out with him a few times and I feel he is so dedicated, he really works hard,” says the 49-year old. “His approach to what he wants to do is impressive.”

At the launch Tiger, who was quite nervous speaking to the press for the first time ever, revealed he has always been interested in martial arts and other sports and action is something he wanted to do. He is happy he got the chance to do that with his first film.

Producer Sajid Nadiadwala has never felt so nervous before the release of any of his films. Reason? This is the first time in his career he is launching a newcomer. “Tiger is the first actor I am launching in my entire career as a producer. And he’s being launched in the same year that I am making my debut as a director (with Kick) so I can imagine what he is going through.”

Nadiadwala says Tiger is extremely disciplined and complete star material. “He gets up early and does martial arts religiously. You won’t see him partying or lazing around. He is complete star material. He fills up the screen with his self-confidence.”

He added that launching Tiger feels like a strange mix of parental pride and a teacher’s concern. “I have been part of Tiger’s life from the time he was born. Luckily, I am also part of his second birth: his career. We’ve all gone out to ensure Tiger has the best possible launch. I feel as responsible about Tiger as I would about my own son.”

Heropanti, introducing Tiger Shroff and Kriti Sanon, is directed by Sabbir Khan and will release on 23rd of May.

Check out some pictured from the event.

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