Aap Ka Suroor – The Moviee

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It’s raining Reshammiya! At least that’s what the music charts have suggested for quite some time now. For as many people that hate this composer cum singer (and now, actor), there are just as many that love him. Welcome to the Reshammiya album of the year–Aap Ka Suroor—The Moviee. Yes, there are two ‘e’s in the title. Finally, we will be exposed to the mystery surrounding Himesh Reshammiya, including the reason for his signature cap. For the album, Himesh teams up with lyricist Sameer, who has provided Himesh with the lyrics for many of his chartbusting albums. A whole twenty tracks (remixes et al), this one is sure to be a feast for all Reshammiya fans. The question is, does the man with the cap work his magic for his very own film, or has he disappointed? Let’s take a look.

“Har insaan ne kabhi ne kabhi kisi ne kisi se pyaar kiya hai. Maine, aap sab bhi. Toh usse pyaar ke naam, zindagi qurban.” The first track, Assalam Vaalekum opens with this very quote and sets the stage for the rest of the track. Himesh’s vocals are fit for the occasion in this peppy track. While it takes some time to grow on you, it’s not a bad listen. Himesh fans will love it. Sameer’s lyrics, too, are nice. The Remix version has added beats and creates a nice club effect for the song. Similarly, the Dark Mix adds similar rhythm and is a regular remix. Verdict: A decent start to the album.

Next up is a romantic track featuring Himesh with melodious Shreya Ghosal. Titled Tera Mera Milna, this one is pleasing to the ears instantly. Lyrics gel well with the theme of the song. Though Shreya Ghosal only enters halfway through the track, she’s the best part. This is also one of Himesh’s better vocal jobs! The Remix is extremely well done but the House Mix doesn’t sound as good as the beats are too loud and overpower the song. Verdict: A great romantic track, with one good remix and one poor one.

Jhoot Nahin Bolna starts off with a subtle Himesh that I could certainly get used too. The track then picks up and emerges a winner! It kind of sounds like a rehash of tunes we’ve heard before, but it’s still nice. Shreya Ghoshal sings beautifully, as usual. The mandatory Remix is okay but unnecessary because it adds nothing to the track, and actually ruins the theme. Verdict: Catchy, nice lyrics, and enjoyable with a crappy remix.

The fourth track is classic Himesh in the track we’ve heard from the promos. Tanhaiyaan sees Himesh team up with Sunidhi Chauhan for this slower track, which eventually grows on you. Not everyone will like it, but it does deserve a listen. Himesh’s vocals are as usual, while one almost misses Shreya in this track. The Unplugged version is practically the same, while the Remix is nothing special either. Verdict: Good track with unnecessary unplugged and remix versions.

The title of the next track, Ya Ali, brings back memories of last years’ hit from Gangster. One wonders if this track will follow the same destiny. Sunidhi Chauhan soothingly opens this track and continuously repeats the title. That’s basically all she has to do in the song. The song itself is the first downer in the album as it’s basically one phrase repeated over and over again, in a not-so-melodious way. The Remix ruins the track even more while the Electro Mix is pointless. Verdict: Disappointing, with useless remixes.

Tere Bina opens with the line “O, huzoor, tera, tera, tera, suroor” which has become synonymous with Himesh Reshammiya. It’s one of the softer tracks of the album and Himesh has done a good job with it. However, one wishes that he stops resorting to repeating one phrase twenty times in a single song. It definitely gets tedious after a certain point. The Remix is okay. Verdict: Average to above average.

Kya Jeena is a song about loneliness and life without love. Sameer’s lyrics are great, while Himesh’s vocals are okay. The Remix is the same thing, just faster and with more beats. It’s not bad. Verdict: Average.

One looks forward to this next track, as it’s titled Mehbooba-A Tribute to Panchamda and features Asha Bhosle along with Himesh. Panchamda, also known as R.D. Burman was a groundbreaking composer in Bollywood history whose music still influences composers to this day. One of his most famous tracks is ‘Mehbooba Mehbooba’ from the cult classic, Sholay, which also features his vocals. Himesh and Asha reinvent this track together and do quite a good job! Asha Bhosle is perfect, while Himesh impresses as well (of course, nobody can match R.D. Burman). Part Two of the song is further remixed but almost the same. Verdict: A nice tribute that some will love, and some will hate. Nevertheless, well done and a nice surprise!

No doubt, Himesh-lovers will be thoroughly satisfied with the album. For the neutral listeners, you’ll come across some great tracks and some average. On the other hand, Himesh-haters should stay away, as there is nothing absolutely new offered in this album. While the tracks themselves are nice (some are wonderful, some are average), the countless remixes leave you sick and tired and are completely pointless more than half of the time. Overall, the album is a job well done by Himesh. Though it’s no Aksar or Aashiq Banaya Aapne, he comes up with some extremely catchy tunes for Aap Ka Surroor The Moviee.

Kudos to the man with the cap! Oh, and beware, I’m sure we’ll see a music video for each of these tracks.

Our Rating

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