Aashish Speaks about Taking Care of his Sister’s Children

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Bollywood actor Aashish Choudhry is amongst the hundreds and thousands who have been affected by the tragic events of 28th November 2008. The actor who lost his sister and brother-in-law in the attacks is still in shock. However, he has started to think ahead to the future for the sake of his sister’s two children of ages 12 and 7.

Aashish and wife Samita had the hardest task of telling the two children why their mum and dad weren’t home from dinner. For the sake of these two innocent souls the couple is pulling themselves together to work hard at bringing back the smiles on the faces of Kanishq (12) and Ananaya (7).

Speaking to the media Aashish thanked everyone who showed support to him in such a time. He expressed both his anger at what had happened and at the same time his conviction to make sure that the invaders do not win in this fight to break down the human spirit.

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