Abbas Mustan on Race

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Tomorrow will see the release of Race, the new Abbas Mustan directed thriller/romance/ action with a little bit of comedy thrown in film. The film has an all star cast including Saif Ali Khan, Akshaye Khanna, Bipasha Basu, Katrina Kaif, Sameera Reddy and Anil Kapoor. Recently directors, Abbas Mustan, sat down and talked a bit about their new film, however they would not reveal to much.

They only would talk a little bit about the story of the film and said, “Besides car racing, there is an ongoing race between brothers in the film. They are always trying to get ahead of the other. And if you want to know more, then that you have to watch the film.”

When asked about the characters they answered, “We always like to give our actors the characters that they have never portrayed before. Just for example, you can take Saif’s character into consideration. He has never played any such character. So, we thought, let us experience giving him such a different look.”

Adding, “While writing the story, we got that idea and we thought there will be no better actors than Anil and Sameera to portray them. Sameera has never attempted comedy before and Anil’s character is also very interesting. He is acting as the detective Robert Dicosta and his habit is to eat fruits all the time and to interrogate based on fruits only. For example, if he is having orange then he will count how many slices are there and will ask that number of questions only. We have a scene where Akshay Khanna is peeling pomegranate. Now you can understand how interesting the scene would be.”

Though there have been reports of problems on the sets between Bipasha and Katrina, the duo denied this saying, “We don’t think there was any such thing between the actresses. Both the actresses in our film are quite professional in their attitude, and we never had to face any problem because of them. Even if they have any personal problem, they don’t show it in the set.” Adding that even with the all star cast there was no problem from anyone, “Actually, as we respect stars, they also do respect us. We never faced any problem because of stars.”

About Bipasha Basu, who made her debut in an Abbas Mustan film, they said, “She is quite changed from the point of view of her acting, but as a human being she has not changed at all. At first, she needed to get explained everything. But now she can understand many things even without hearing a single word about that. Even now, she is open to learning. At the same time, she still behaves the same soft way as she used to do during her first film.”

Since the story is about two brothers in a race against each other, they were naturally asked if they ever competed against each other, “ Thank God, we never went for any such race,” they answered.

Be sure to see whether Saif or Akshaye wins the race when Race hits theaters tomorrow!

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