Abbas Tyrewala is Okay with a film on Mumbai Attacks

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It seems that the whole industry has taken offense to RGV’s new script based around the Mumbai attacks. Ramu and Chief Minister Deshmukh visited the site recently too, which many industry individuals didn’t think too kindly of including Sanjay Dutt and Mahesh Bhatt.

Abbas Tyrewala also expressed his anger towards Ramu’s action saying it just may be too early to start pulling apart pieces of such a fresh tragedy. However, Abbas feels that everyone should be careful to not let loose the anger of this tragedy onto innocent people like politicians and filmmakers. Speaking to Mid-Day, the Jaane Tu director said that we’re all angry at the invasion and treatment of Mumbai, however the anger needs to be wisely directed.

In addition Abbas commented that people shouldn’t find the idea of a movie on the attacks so bizarre. To him there is nothing wrong in basing a movie on the tragic event. As a filmmaker he feels it would be his and any filmmaker’s unique way to let out their anguish.

So with the grief hardly dealt with and the recovering still a long way away, it seems Bollywood is already putting on it’s thinking cap to portray the most tragic event India has seen in recent times. However, we’ll just have to wait and find out who beats who in the race of making a movie on 28th November 08. Will it be Ramu whose already digging deep into the script or Abbas who feels so strongly about this unique way of letting out his anguish?

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