Abhay Deol is going eco-friendly!

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Abhay Deol is going eco-friendly with plans to build an environmentally sound dream home well underway.

The actor has purchased one acre of land in north Goa, where construction of his new home is set to begin within a month. According to reports, the actor’s home will have a fantastic view, being situated on a mountainside and “surrounded by greenery”.

Architects Vishakha and Muninder Chowdhry have been commissioned to design the building, which in accordance with Abhay’s wishes, will incorporate environmentally sustainable design. To blend with the scenery, the house will have pitched and green roofs as well as large windows to allow a lot of natural light.

Sources describe the actor’s eco-pad as a contemporary home, reflective of the young Deol’s style and personality. The house will feature four bedrooms, a living room, a dining room and an open kitchen. Of course, no actor’s pad is complete without a screening room, and Abhay is rumoured to be including a 22 seater private film screening room in his plans.

According to the architects, Abhay will be bringing a lot to the project creatively: “He has an amazing taste and it’s a joy to work with him.

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