Abhay Deol leads battle against music labels for unfair treatment

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14jan_AbhayDeol-MusicIndustryBollywood actor Abhay Deol has declared a battle against music labels who are not giving singers a fair royalty for the songs which they sing. Posting on his Facebook page, Abhay spoke out about this particular issue and how singers are being forced by producers to sign a contract which contains an unjust clause. Abhay reports how he was expected to do the same, given that he is co-producer of his upcoming film One By Two which releases on 31 January. “The entire music fraternity is up in arms against the record labels because they expect musicians to sign a contract with a clause that is against the law,” writes Deol. “Producers like myself are expected to make sure that they sign. Which means if anyone is arrested for breaking the law it will be the producer!” Adding to this, Deol said he is also “against the exploitation of artists. I believe in their rights and even if a musician was ready to sign it, I would advise him/her against it.”

Playback singer Sonu Nigam is also against this mistreatment and like Deol has also taken a stand against music labels who practise such acts. “They (music labels) are forcing the younger singers saying, ‘we will ruin your career’. They are trying every trick to get us to sign the contracts,” said the eminent singer. Sonu has threatened to quit singing if such exploitative contracts continue to be used by music labels.

Sonu has praised Abhay Deol for taking a stand on this issue and posted the following on Facebook. “Finally. ….someone has decided to understand…and support truth. Here’s where Education and genuineness comes handy. Kudos Abhay Deol.”

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