“Abhay should have not gone to the press” –Siddharth Jain

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Producer of what now may be a shelved film, Rock the Shaadi, has lashed out at Abhay Deol for his candid behaviour in front of the media when asked about the status of the film.

When questioned by the press as to what was happening with the film and why there was a delay Abhay replied, “The film is not happening because the co-producer messed up. Ekta (Kapoor) and I really wanted to finish the film as it has all the ingredients of a commercial potboiler and even 40 mins of the film has been completed.”

Naturally if he’s named the producer with whom he agrees, Ekta Kapoor, the ‘co- producer’ title used in the interview was a pointing finger at Siddharth Jain who had also collaborated with Ekta Kapoor in producing Ragini MMS.

Siddharth went on to defend himself and released the following statement to the media, “I wish Abhay had spoken to me and not the press. I’d advice him to check his facts in the future and not go on hearsay and get emotional. 200 people on the sets witnessed what happened. High concept films cannot be made in a lavish way. I’ve made Ragini MMS so I know budgets. Such budgets require thinking outside the box and cooperation of everyone in a certain way.”

The film was touted to be India’s first zombie film and was formerly titled Shaadi of the Dead. It was being directed by Navdeep Singh of Manorma Six Feet Under fame and starred Genelia Deshmukh alongside Abhay. Abhay’s offscreen love interest Preeti Desai was said to be doing a special appearance in it also.

Controversy aside, no one has confirmed or denied the shelving of the film. Time will tell if this film will see the light of the day.

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