Abhishek: New Face of Flying Machine Jeans

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Abhishek Bachchan, who by his own admission is the most comfortable wearing a pair of jeans, is the ambassador for the new Flying Machine Jeans. This line of jeans, designed by Chicco, a young up and coming Italian designer, is the first by an Indian company.

At the launch of the new line Abhishek said, “Flying Machine reflects the pride of India and is a phenomenal example of India’s potential at present day. Their designs, quality and value are top notch and that this is done by an Indian Brand is remarkable.”

Adding that, “the product is now positioning itself as an Indian international brand. Currently, the market is flooded with international jeans brands, and India’s original jeans, Flying Machine, is on par with the rest, both creatively and technically. It’s about time we stepped onto the international platform here as well”.

They are getting ready to shoot the first commercials for this new product and Abhishek who will be working closely with the team said, “I’m, of course, in the loop. I’m taken into confidence as to who would shoot the ad and other details. It’s so gratifying to work with these young ad makers, many of whom finally come into making movies… Pradeep Sarkar, with whom I’ve done ads and now a film called Laaga Chunari Mein Daag, and Balkrishnan being the latest examples of ad makers-turned-feature film makers. These guys are really talented.”

He does says however that shooting an ad is much harder than shooting a movie. “I think it’s far tougher doing an ad. Within two minutes one has to say what one gets to say in nearly three hours in movies. Flying Machine is a special challenge because here I’m going to be instrumental in taking the product ahead of where it is. Hopefully, far ahead,” he said.

Abhishek does not endorse any product that he does not feel strongly about and says he is happy to be the face of Flying Machine Jeans: “I really believe Flying Machine jeans are world class. I find them truly international in quality. And that’s where they plan to take the brand. I feel Flying Machine has the potential to go global in a big way. And if I can help in taking just that bit of our country’s potential abroad then I feel happy and privileged about it.”

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