Abhishek vs. Tony Parker

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The Cannes Film Festival was not just about the likes of Aishwarya Rai Bachchan and hubby Abhishek walking down the red carpet looking ever so elegant. It had some sport involved for the Bachchan Jr. While Ash was busy walking up and down the red carpet, Abhishek chose to indulge in some basketball with Eva Longoria of Desperate Housewives fame’s husband, the popular Tony Parker.

While the L’Oreal representatives were being photographed, their respective hubbies chose to sit on the sidelines, literally, and talk all things basketball. According to a leading publication, the men hit it off instantly, “Tony and Abhishek, who played basketball in school and is a great fan of NBA, hit it off in their first meeting.” Abhishek is said to be a huge sport fan who also enjoys football; especially team Chelsea.

Who knows, if all goes well, we may actually see an Indian national basketball team with Abhishek Bachchan leading the pack.

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