“Actresses haven’t made as much of a dent at the Box Office as actors” – Priyanka Chopra

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“I have realized that women are good at multi-tasking and we do it really well. I was raised with music and I wanted to push myself and see what I can do. I am taking baby steps.” Some would argue it’s hardly baby steps that Priyanka Chopra is taking, as she is constantly shooting for ads, her films and recording her music as well – it’s little wonder that she is one of the leaders in paving the way for women within Bollywood.

Priyanka is known for her dynamic and different roles, but what does she think about actors sharing profits with actresses despite their having a sizable contribution in a film’s success? “I don’t think the contribution is as much. I think you have to give credit to the boys also. I am proud to be a Hindi film heroine. I am unapologetic about it. I love Hindi cinema, I love the blockbusters, but at the same time I also enjoy doing films like Barfi! and Fashion.” 

So how much do films actually make and who is behind that? “The films make about Rs. 200 or Rs. 300 crore and it has a lot to do with the boys. We (actresses) haven’t made that dent into the box office as females as the boys have, and I am very hopeful because we have the kind of audience which is ready to watch women-oriented films that it will happen.”

Isn’t there a huge discrepancy in terms of money within the industry? “Yes, there is a huge disparity in terms of remuneration, but there is also a big disparity in the kind of money that has been brought back by female actors so far. I am hoping we will soon be able to break that and may be remunerations will get better.”

Priyanka’s next projects include Mary Kom’s biopic – slated to release later this year, and Zoya Aktar’s next film.

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